Benefits For Children

There is an increasing focus on the importance of the preschool years and a heightened awareness of the future impact that this exposure to education has on young children.

We believe that attending Preschool helps children to develop school readiness through their exposure to different cognitive, self-awareness, academic and social skills. It is the first step in a lifelong learning process and the neurological pathways that are formed in these pivotal years will positively affect the students for the remainder of their lives.

Each of our classes maintain a routine throughout the week that helps set the children up for success and provides the children with stability during their time at Preschool. The class teachers guide the children over the course of their school year, thus ensuring the children receive ongoing positive, caring relationships which support their learning in a school environment.

A study by the National Institute for Early Education Research in 2008 found that ‘Well-designed preschool education programs produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement in test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and special education, and higher educational attainment.’

We appreciate the uniqueness of each child. We respect their feelings and respond to their needs. We are patient and encourage independence, and help them control their behavior through the careful use of language.

We are confident that we are the best choice for your child’s early years education.

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