Senior Kinder

Our main goals are

■ to have the students reading and writing with minimal teacher assistance

■ to help the students to become self confident individuals who have a positive self image and who face challenges with enthusiasm

■ to provide students with a social environment within which they can experiment and develop their problem solving skills

In the students final year at Kinder Kids we will be teaching increasingly specialized concepts and vocabulary, continuing to develop the childrens independent reading skills, and their ability to express their opinions in writing. As with previous years the theme topics will be used to teach a range of concepts. Senior Kinder theme topics include: Where Does Food Come From?, Taking Care of the Earth, A Look at Antarctica and Winter Sports.
The childrens gross motor skills are also defined more though skills such as using a jump rope, and basic gymnastics (like somersaults). Senior Kinder students also work together to practice and perform an impressive gymnastic formation routine at the Sports Day.

By the end of the year, students will be able to express themselves confidently in both written and verbal form. They will be able to use their knowledge of phonics, sight words and spelling conventions to write independently for a range of purposes and read independently without assistance. Senior Kinder is a very fun year, where the children gain independence in preparation for primary school.