Infant Class

Our main goals are

■ to encourage the childrens' natural curiosity within a stimulating environment

■ to expose the children to the idea of routines, which aid in a smoother transition into Toddler Class

For many, Infant Class is the first time that children spend time away from their parents. Our warm and nurturing teachers are ready to welcome your child into the school environment.

Our experienced teachers will support your child in a small class group with many chances for one-on-one interaction. We use the children's senses to stimulate their interest and increase their engagement in learning. Teachers are trained in Baby Massage. Each week, the teachers will focus on a body part during your child’s massage.

We offer a flexible schedule that is custom-made for your child. We assist the children to slowly transition to a more structured day as they near 18 months and transition into the Toddler class.