Uniform Policy

We believe school uniforms add to the identity of the school, create a sense of belonging for the students and add to the safety of the school environment. It also means children feel less pressure to conform to the dress standards of their peers and it makes for a less stressful morning routine for parents.

Our school uniform options are outlined below

Cool weather
Long sleeved collared shirt
Sweater (as seen below on "School hat" picture)
Khaki pants
School socks
Junior KinderSenior Kinder
Warm weather
Short sleeved collared shirt (navy)
Short sleeved shirt (white)
Khaki shorts
School socks
Junior KinderSenior Kinder
PE lesson days
PE Uniform [unisex]
Short sleeved t-shirt
PE sweater
PE pants/PE shorts
Junior KinderSenior Kinder
Options for girls
Tops as above
Khaki skirt
School socks
Optional plain black leggings or tights under their skirts
School hat
To and from school
Usual school uniform, plus : Hat
Junior PreschoolSenior Preschool Junior KinderSenior Kinder
Junior and Senior Preschool
Long/Short sleeved Collared shirt (navy)
Sweater (navy)
Short sleeved shirt (white)
Junior PreschoolSenior Preschool
School backpack
To and from school
Usual school uniform, plus : Hat and backpack
Senior PreschoolJunior Kinder Senior Kinder